lea petrou


my artwork is an attempt to approach different ways of reading and encountering reality_
translation, conversions, codes and metric systems are notions that intrigue me and emerge in my artistic practice in different ways_
more specifically I deal with interpretations that are defined geographically, such as our understanding of time, movement and speech_
an image is made out of different view points, and I get fascinated by investigating such personal elaborations_

people walking on the streets or working at their shops have been invited to participate in, host and / or construct my projects_
a magnetic world map is re-arranged according to visitors' desire_people around the city of Skopje are invited to colour-in a square part of a life-size,
world-map-puzzle, while people around the city of Athens are asked to draw their image of the city next to some other persons’ image_
passers by the Ledras street cheque point of Nicosia are invited to participate in a collective and life size 300 - piece puzzle while offered a lemon flavour ice cream cone_
10 people that I met working around the Acropolis are portraying the monument by replicating the form of a tourist post card serpentine_
24 other persons i interviewed on the street are revealing their fears in front of my video camera in order to create some kind of a spell_
photographs of children living at El Max village of Alexandria construct the third, Egyptian version of a digital clock, where images of hands represent the clock's digits_
the sound recordings of original one-minute radio news delivered by Athenian primary school children, present a longer in duration perception of facts_
at some other part of the city, inside a well known cosmetic center, a poem on time by Zoe Karelli is recited word by word by the shop assistants_
in Paris, international residents from the Cite International Des Arts are depicting their national interpretations of animal sounds_
in Japan, the CCA Kitakyushu residents are invited to invite me for lunch or dinner of their choice while i keep record of both the recipes and rendez-vous_
visitors of my studio in London follow the instructions of handed-out recipes and cook the desserts with the ingredients provided_

in these and many other ways, the work acquires an anthropomorphic character and the audience becomes both the content and context of my art - work_



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