blue knights, 2012
a visual arts educational program for both primary school teachers and students, in collaboration with Alkisti Halikia.

This educational program is based on an art piece by the Greek visual artist Nikos Alexiou.
Primary school teachers working at the Small Cyclades islands (Donoussa, Koufonissi, Schinoussa, Iraklia)
are invited to attend a seminar by Alkisti Halikia and Lea Petrou, based on
how to teach art and conduct their students
towards the creation of some specifically composed art activities. The project is still in progress.

The concept of this educational program is by Alkisti Halikia.

Stop motion animation concept, direction, documentation, image and sound editing by Lea Petrou.
To watch the stop motion animation video on youtube follow this link:
For documentation of Blue Knights educational project click here.

"blue knights" collective stop motion animation video

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