acro[para]poli, am/pm_fm, 2009
2 min video, color / sound

Acro in greek means the end, the top and the extreme. Para is an adverb that means very, poli is also an adverb that means much.
Para poli
is combined to express even bigger quantity than poli does, something like very much.
The word Acropoli gets separated by the adverb para and becomes something other than the monument's name.
The video acro[para]poli, am/pm_fm presents two vertical views of the city of Athens, made out of still images.
The first one is shot between 11:00 - 12:00 am from Lycabettus hill, and the camera slowly moves from the ground, up the blue sky.
The second one is shot between 23:00 - 24:00 pm from Plaka, the historical center of Athens and makes the opposite move,
from the dark sky down into an apartment's balcony.

Specifically made for the city one minutes, where the portrait of the city of Athens is presented in 24 different videos, each one lasting one minute.,, the Athenian part is curated by Antonis Pittas.
Also exhibited at In Dire(ct) Democracy, curated by Gelly Grindaki & Margarita Kataga, School of Fine Arts, Athens.,

Video stills.

part of the video

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