acro-poli acro-ligo, 10 cartes postales, 2007
7.30 min video in 10 parts, color / sound

Based on the use of a 10 postcard serpentine often sold outside archeological sites, I invited 10 people working and pick-nicking around the Acropolis to present theircimage of the monument.The video was specifically created for participating at the Visibility DVD and exhibition at the Attiki street market and the Cheap Art Gallery. Acro in greek language means the end, the top and the extreme. Poli is an adverb that means a lot. Ligo is an other adverb that means a little. The title becomes a kind of word - game, suggesting the personal view points we have of things.

Visibility, curated by Maria Paschalidou, Attiki Square fruit market & Cheap Art Gallery, Athens.
Strange Screen Festival 6, Thessaloniki Cinema Museum & Art Athina '08, organized by into the pill.

Video stills.

Documentation of the action at Attiki street market and the installation at the Cheap art gallery, Athens.

part of the video

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