a space in 300 pieces [or peaces], 2010
an interactive event on a site specific, floor - based installation, lasted five hours between 17:00 - 22:00

An ice cream cone with two lemon- flavoured balls was served to the visitors. Each ball originated from
and inevitably represented each one of the two parts of the island. Each cone was wrapped inside a specially designed,
individually numbered paper wrap, each one coloured in a different shade of yellow.

Guests were invited to combine the possibly wrinkled and ice-cream-stained wrapping paper,
in a collective and life size 300 - piece puzzle. This composition was in a constant state of flux during the exhibition
and represented different ice cream color readings. The visitors’ on - site movements remitted to a choreography,
while being asked to find the right spot on the floor to place their bloc.

The completion of the floor - based plan was totally depending on the site’s visitors and their willingness
to interact. The final image depicted a geographic area, which gradually evolved into another,
architectural space, the one of Ledras street check - point.
A Space in 300 Pieces (or Peaces), organised by The Aeschylou Arcade, Ledras Street check point, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Documentation of the 5 - hour event, photo by Lea Petrou, thank you all participants!

Photo by Christa Antoniou.

Photos by Christa Antoniou, Demetris Neokleous, Lea Petrou and video documentation of the interactive event,
A Space in 300 Pieces
at "PEACE" check point, Ledras street, Nicosia.

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