a space in 500 pieces, 2012
an interactive installation

The installation is based on a world map size 3m x 5m wide, consisting of 500 grey-coloured squares. 500 square cards are posted to the center’s visiting list and handed out to people in the city of Skopje. Guests are invited to colour-in the square cards and visit the multimedia center Mala Stanica in order to place them anywhere on the collectively fully coloured puzzle. The colouring of the world map will be in a constant state of flux during the exhibition and the final image will totally depend on the site’s visitors and their willingness to interact.
A specially designed leaflet will be handed out to all gallery visitors, where they can read about the art work and colour-in their space in 500 pieces.

A Space in 500 Pieces, curated by Ana Frangovska, multimedia center Mala Stanica, Zeleznicka 18, 1000 Skopje.

Documentation of the performance, photos by Lea Petrou, Ana Frangovska & Jeton Muja, thank you all participants!

Pinochio Rade Korcagin, Paleshka Rade Korcagin (primary schools) and Partizan sports center.
Around the city of Skopje.

Documentation of the opening night, many thanks to Ana, Jeton, Marija, all participants and friends who made this project happen.

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