from greece with love, 2009
digital prints on a double-sided canvas, a site specific, mixed media installation, 210 x 320 cm

A stripped curtain, reminding of the ones used to keep the insects away, is specifically made to fit on the entrance of the In Dire(ct) Democracy exhibition space. A well known, colorful image of a church on a greek island is printed on the one side. The original landscape is deconstructed into 4 overlapping outlines, based on the CMYK printing mode colors, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. A black and white version of the same cart-postal-like image appears on the back side of the curtain, designed to be viewed on the way out.

In Dire(ct) Democracy, curated by Gelly Grindaki & Margarita Kataga, School of Fine Arts, Athens 2009.
Art Athina / Jannis Spyropoulos Awards 2006-2009, curated by Olga Daniylopoulou, the Faliro Pavilion [TaeKwonDo], Athens 2010.,,

"A perforated door to fortress Europe, a door as inconspicuous as a curtain, but still there. Decorative and functional at the same time, it keeps out every unwelcome gaze, while it returns an archetypal and harmonious image, like the ones found on postcards. A door to ‘democratic’ Europe, the colourful continent of multiculturalism and difference, that Europe has learned to tolerate and naturalise". Text copyright: Irene Gerogianni.

Documentation of the installation, School of Fine Arts, Athens
2009, photos by Lea Petrou.

Documentation of the installation, Art Athina / Jannis Spyropoulos Awards 2006-2009, the Faliro Pavilion [TaeKwonDo], Athens 2010, photos by Lea Petrou.

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