greeting [made in hondos center], 2007
3.5 min video, color / sound

For the poem “Greeting”, the greek poet Zoi Karelli uses mainly adjectives to qualify the notion of time. I invited many cosmetic assistants of the department store Hondos Center in Omonoia, in order to compose a word by word recitation of the poem.

Karaoke Poetry Bar, curated by Into The Pill, parallel to the Athens Biennial 2007.

Video stills, documentation of the exhibition at Karaoke Poetry Bar and the making of the video, photos my Maria Petrou & Lea Petrou, many thanks to all participants!

fatal maybe even futile
clear precious
constant intact
mighty solid
entire thinkable endless
eternal inexhaustible perpetual intact
integral ceaseless
during unmoveable
unhesitating impartible
still sheer uncommitted
dense indifferent impenetrable
intolerant time
not-chosen inaccessible untold
unrecognizable unknown dubious
complicated diverse inexplicable
certain uncertain
unconstrained time unexpected
untested blind
time deep and harsh.
Lofty plentiful, abundant
precise time abrupt
obvious rightful proud
the one and only time, splendid
the exquisite constantly young
glorious divine time.

by Zoe Karelli

["Greeting". The fantasy of time
, 1949. The poems, 'A. The friends' publishers, 1973. 169. Translated by Lea Petrou]


part of the video

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