i thought i was at youme town, 2003
6:30 min video, color / sound

The 9 -split screen format video focuses on Japanese primary school children practicing for the autumn gymnastics
performance event. The video is firstly edited based merely on the sound of the whistle by the invisible teacher.

CCA Kitakyushu open studios '
04, Japan
People, curated by Marina Athanassiadou, Margarita Kataga, Art Athina '07, Action Field Kodra '07, Margaris Foundation '08
Le Silo, curated by Teresa Castro, Jennifer Verraes, Grain de Blé, Marie Canet, Evgenia Giannouri, Betonsalon gallery, Paris, http://lesilo.blogspot.com

Video still, documentation of the video installation by Lea Petrou.

part of the video

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