love[in] a different kefte, 2008
a recipe specifically created for the Love Difference Pastries, in collaboration with Maria Nymfiadi

Love[in]a different kefte pastry deals with a relational dosage of proximity, using the kilometric distance between capitals of the Mediterranean countries. The dosage of each ingredient derives from the kilometric distance each capital has from Athens. A mixture of dried nuts and dried fruits is selected to represent each one of the 19 countries around the Mediterranean Sea, according to each country’s cuisine. The further in kilometers each capital is from Athens, the more quantity of the specific ingredient is used in the recipe.

Love [ in ] a different kefte was initially presented at the Love Difference Pastries project, organized by the Love Difference, Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto, during a three day meeting at CAMeC Modern and Contemporary Art Center, La Spezia, Italy, between 22-24 February 2008. Love Difference Pastries ( LDP ) is a network of 16 confectioneries. The aim of the project is to become a cultural passport that opens doors to different Mediterranean cultures and then draws them closer together through the experience of taste.

Love [ in ] a different kefte
was hosted and put on sale at Cake pastry shops from the 31 st of May until the 28 th of June 2008, produced by the two artists on a weekly basis and in a limited number.,,

Poster and packaging for the exhibition at Cake pastry shops, all designed by Maria Nymfiadi & Lea Petrou.

Documentation of the meeting at CAMeC, La Spezia, foto by Enrico Amici.

Documentation of the Love[in]a different kefte' s presentation at CAMeC La Spezia, and Cake pastry shops, Athens.

Love[in] a different kefte recipe


Grams Distance from Athens    Ingredients

33 g   500 km to Tirana, Albania Sultanas
41 ml   625 km to Podgorica, Montenegro Freshly squeezed lemon juice
52 g 788 km to Sarajevo, Bosnia Hazelnuts
54 g   824 km to Ankara, Turkey Roasted chickpeas
57 ml     859 km to Valletta, Malta Freshly squeezed orange juice
60 g 912 km to Nicosia, Cyprus Walnuts
69 g 1040 km to Rome, Italy Roasted pine nuts
71 g 1076 km to Zagreb, Croatia 10 dried apricots
75 g 1114 km to Tripoli, Libya 4 dried figs
76 ml 1130 km to Cairo, Egypt Freshly squeezed pomegranate juice
77 g 1156 km to Beirut, Lebanon Cashews
78 g 1172 km to Ljubljana, Slovenia Poppy seeds
80 g 1202 km to Tunis, Tunisia   Blanched, roasted almonds
80 g   1215 km to Tel Aviv, Israel 13 dried prunes
82 g 1240 km to Damascus, Syria Pistachio nuts
121 g 1820 km to Algiers, Algeria 15 dried dates
139 g 2097 km to Paris, France Roasted pecans
158 g 2374 km to Madrid, Spain Boiled chestnuts
184 g 2770 km to Rabat, Morocco Peanuts


To coat: 800 g   plain, cooking chocolate finely chopped

Food scale (precise for calculating grams), food processor, wooden spoon, metal bowl, non-stick baking sheet, 1 saucepan for the bain-marie, 1 heatproof bowl, fruit squeezer
makes: around 60 round bits, cooking time: approximately 60 min, settling time: 60 min



Crumble all the nuts, cut the fruits in really small pieces. Use a food processor to blend the nut crumbles and fruits pieces. Add the juices in order to make a soft mixture.
Work the mix into a metal bowl with a wooden spoon and finally roll the mixture into small balls with your hands.
Put the chocolate into a dry, heatproof bowl and set over a saucepan of steaming but not boiling water. When the chocolate is melt evenly, briefly dip each ball into the chocolate until coated.
Place the balls on a non-stick baking sheet, let cool for a while then place them into the refrigerator to set until ready to serve.

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