lovember gun, 2007
3 min video installation in collaboration with Heimkurst, b&w / no sound

For the video «lovember gun», a young girl uses some kids' body language to repeatedly communicate the sentence «loves me, loves me not» in Greek. While everything around us is moving with super fast rhythms, this young girl deals with a very basic, everyday and communicative issue: love. And her method is based merely on creating the sentence with images of herself. The video is being montaged after the stop –motion animation technique. The phrase «loves me, loves me not» is first deconstructed to each and other letter. Afterwards these elements, encoded back to body-related, photographed compositions, are combined together in order to reconstruct the phrase. The follow-up relationship of the photographs gives the sense of movement and speech.

Blind Date #12, curated by Adonis Volanakis, factory space Kiriadon & Sfittion, Athens,

A diary of the production's steps, published inside the exhibition catalogue, and view of the building along with the installation.


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