now, 2011
an interactive event, in collaboration with Steffi Jüngling, Athens

In order to create a portrait of our collaboration, we composed a recipe for an alcoholic drink, based on our place of origin. A raki-strudel was made and 200 specially prepared shot glasses were served to the gallery visitors during the opening of the exhibition On Cooking. 100 wishful messages were written and typed twice on 200 paper bands, which were attached around the shot glasses. The visitors were invited to drink some of the raki-strudel in order to read the messages inside their shot glasses, and then take both shots and paper bands home if they wanted to.

On Cooking, curated by Bia Papadopoulou, organized by Technohoros gallery, Athens.

Documentation of the event, photos and video by Maria Petrou & Lea Petrou, thank you all participants!


video documentation of the interactive event Now
at Technohoros gallery, Athens

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