the one and the other, 2016
an interactive, occasional performance intervention, bubblegum taste, handmade candies, transparent blue and shiny silver color wraps, 45 x 45 cm box frame

At the reception area, gallery visitors can choose between two colored candies offered by the artist. The wraps are placed inside an empty frame on the wall. The design and taste of all handmade, made to measure candies is the same inside both wraps. The one and the other is created to participate in (test) in between, a solo show of Katerina Athanasiou at Beton 7 Center for the arts, Athens and it is sponsored by Kalliopi Kalamara and the Soocre handmade candy shop,

Special thanks to Sofia Pogatou for her support.

Documentation of the performance, photos by Lea Petrou and Vangelis Patsialos, thank you all participants!

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