Call 1 # Stream - Rock - Terrace, 2017
space interventions, found building materials, dimesions variable

Call 1 # Stream - Rock - Terrace is part of [Open] Call, an attempt to explore the limits of interaction and dialogue of the artists’ work, in a framework defined by the natural and urban landscape. Panagiotis Voulgaris, Dimitra Maltabe and Lea Petrou define a location in Athens, which has references to their personal artwork. More specifically there is a clearing stream in Halandri, the old rock quarry in Vrahon theatre at Byronas and a terrace in Fokianou Street at Pagrati. The three artists create a collective, in situ project developed in relation to each specific location. The project will be realized in three consecutive Saturdays in May, specifically on the 13th, 20th and 27th starting at the stream in Halandri.

Following the ancient transfer route of the Pentelic marble to Athens for the construction of the Acropolis, on Saturday the 13/5/2017, the three artists will trace the riverbed, discovering and gathering pieces of marble and other building materials. All found elements are cleansed on the stalls located in the clearing of Prophet Elias in order to be reused and re-placed in new space interventions. Public participation in the process is an integral part of the first day of the action.

On the afternoon of Saturday 20/5/2017, at Anna Synodinou Theater in Vyronas, part of the marbles discovered and collected in the stream are repositioned in the hollow of the wooden theater. It is an attempt to confront the boundaries of nature and the city which meet at this point, dialecting with the sizes and scales of the rock as well as the built environment. This second part of the project proposes a new relationship between placing and viewing within the theater space.

On the last Saturday, May 27, 2017, on a neglected roof of a post-war apartment building in Athens, the three artists set out visual routes to the city and its recognizable nearby landmarks, hills and monuments, through directions and constructions using the stream marbles. This location marks the end of a course from the outskirts of the city to its inner center, from the deconstructed material to its composition and re-formulation within the urban fabric.

The [Open Call] is a framework of actions and interventions in the city that develop a dialogue between artists, works’ reference points and sites. Many thanks to this project's supporters and participants.

Call 1 # Stream - Rock - Terrace, organized and curated by P. Voulgaris, D. Maltabe, L. Petrou.
Saturday, May 13 2017 - Stream, Halandri. 11.00 - 15.00 Prophet Elias stream clearing Halandri.
Saturday, May 20 2017 - Vrahon theatre, Byronas. 17.00 – 21.00 Anna Synodinou Theater.
Saturday, May 27 2017 – Terrace, Pagrati. 17.00 – 21.00 Fo Kia Nou 24/7 terrace, 24 Fokianou street.

Call #1 stream 13 5 2017, documentation photos by P. Voulgaris, D. Maltabe, L. Petrou

Call #1 rock 20 5 2017, photos by P. Voulgaris, D. Maltabe, L. Petrou.

Call #1 terrace 27 5 2017, photos by P. Voulgaris, D. Maltabe, L. Petrou.

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