today's menu, 2010
interactive event with a site specific installation

During a 10 day residency at the Tsikalioti Tower of Leonidio, I composed a 6 course, fictive menu for 6 people. I invited all of us (6) visual artists to correspond each one of our genealogical tree member to a cooking ingredient. As a result, 6 recipe - related portraits were composed as an attempt to record the personal relationships evolving during the 10 day residency. An A3 size, tourist guide type of flyer was designed and handed out to the tower's visitors, with each participating artist's recipe placed on the corresponding architectural space of the tower each artist was allocated.

The correlated course to my family tree was the dessert and, based on my genealogical tree, I created an aubergene flavour ice cream, inspired by Leonidio's local aubergine variety tsakoniki which is among the 9 Greek rural products with Protected Designation of Origin. 3 kilos of ice cream were produced and a tea spoon full was given to the tower's visitors.
Many thanks to all those who made this project possible!

Both sides of the tourist guide - type of flyer.

Documentation of the residency and the event at the Tsikalioti tower, photos by Lea Petrou.

Text by Dr. Georgia Kakourou - Chroni, The National Gallery Curator, Sparta, Greece.

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