i studied at Chelsea College of Art and Design (1996 – 1997 London), Central St. Martins College of Art (1997 – 2000 London)
and received a Masters in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art (2002 London)_currently i am a PhD student at ASFA (2022 Athens School of Fine Art)_
i attended an 8-month research program in CCA Kitakyushu (2003 – 2004 Japan)_
i have been an artist – in residence at artAmari (2016 Greece), Galichnik (2011 Skopje), Leonidio Art Tower (2010 Greece) and Cite International des Arts (2001 Paris)_
i have also attended a 15 day Workshop on digital culture, at the Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering
of the University of the Aegean (2014 Syros, Greece)_at the moment, i live and work in Athens, Greece_

my artwork has been exhibited at group shows in Greece and abroad, amongst others:
Unfold 2022 
(a MouSou project, curated by Maria Nymfiadi + Lea Petrou, Athens London Venice, 2022), Re-Imagine (curated by Eleni Gatsa, Imagine gallery, Athens 2022), Weaving The Future IV (curated by Efi Michalarou, Maison Grecque, Paris 2022), Travel App (curated by Mary Cox + Panagiotis Voulgaris, FokiaNou Art Space, Athens 2021), 1821, Visual of a Revolution (curated by Eleni Gatsa, The War Museum and Imagine Gallery, Athens 2021), Remembering Remembered (curated by Panajiotis Daramaras + LeaPetrou, Chalandri, Athens 2019), Unfold (a MouSou project, Venice 2019), Ephemeral gardens (Tinos Art Gathering Kinono 2018), 2 Decades +, Spyropoulos Awards (Vorres Museum 2017), Orientation (Kassel, Germany 2017), [Open] Call #2 ThessaloNiki (6th Thessaloniki Biennale 2017), 36° 47’ 7.4” Β 24° 34’ 50” Δ meeting point (Kimolos island 2017) [Open] Call #1 Stream, Rock, Terrace (Athens 2017), ArtAmari residency (Rethymno, Crete 2016), Art Walk, Terra Firma (Kimolos island 2016), Re-housing (day conference, SGT Onassis Cultural center, small stage 2016), (Test) in between (Beton 7 Center for the arts, Athens 2016), The Bankorgs, Performance Dinners No. 8 (Bios Tesla, Athens 2015), Starting Points (Kimolos island 2015), Locked in (Beton 7 center for the arts, Athens 2014), Password 3 (Zeichen Institut, Kassel 2014), uP (metamatic:taf, Athens 2014), One Hundred Boats, One Hundred Waters (Cake pastry shops, Piraeus, Athens 2014), Save (Pindaros Hotel, Athens 2013), A Space in 500 Pieces (multimedia center Mala Stanica, Skopje 2012), my Athens (a MouSou project, Athens 2012), On Cooking (Technohoros gallery, Athens 2011), Give me a Sign (Artville Gallery, Athens 2010), A Space in 300 Pieces (Arcade EAP, Nicosia, Cyprus 2010), Art Athina / Jannis Spyropoulos Awards 2006-2009 (the Faliro Pavilion [TaeKwonDo], Athens 2010), Onassis Foundation Video Art (Bios, Athens 2010), Pastry Love Difference (Café de l’île, Centre International d’Art et du Paysage, ile de Vassivière 2009), In Dire(ct) Democracy (School of Fine Art, Athens 2009), Intothepill. Vol. 1 / Greek Contemporary Video Art (Synch Festival, Athens 2009), City One Minutes ( 2009), Love[in] a Different Kefte (Cake pastry shops, Athens 2008), Intrude Art and Life 366 (Zendai MOMA Museum, Shanghai 2008), The World One Minutes (Beijing Today Art Museum, Beijing 2008), Palmoi ΙΙ & III (Onassis Cardiac Syrgery Center, Athens 2008 & 2016), Love Difference Ice Cream And Sweets as Cultural Passports (CAMeC Modern & Contemporary Art Center, La Spezia 2008), Le Silo (Betonsalon Gallery, Paris 2008), MIR Festival (Melina Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Athens, 2008), Karaoke Poetry Bar (1st Athens Biennial 2007), Nightcomers (10th Istanbul Biennial 2007), Public Screen (1st Thes/niki Biennial 2007), Trauma Queen (Athens 2007), Strange Screen Festival 6 (Thes/niki 2007), Motel (Anc. Olympia 2007), Visibility (Athens 2007), People (Athens & Thes/niki 2007), Art Is Not Mute (Sweden 2007), Athens Video Art Festival (2007), Blind Date #12 (Athens 2006), Rooms To Let, (Action Field Kodra, Kalamaria 2006), The Scarecrow (Averoff Museum of Modern Greek Art, Metsovo 2006), Visions 2005 (Athens Imperial Hotel & Macedonia Palace Hotel 2005), CCA Kitakyushu Open Studios (Japan 2004), What If, Reflections on Living Across Difference (Devlet Resin Heykel Muzesi, Ankara 2002), Interim Show (The Henry Moore Gallery RCA, London 2001), What If, In Residence, In Transit (London 2001), {X}hibit 2000 (Davies st. Gallery, London 2000), Between The Two Shores (Greenwich Gallery, London 1999)_

i have accepted the Passwort 3, a drawing competition prize held by the Zeicheninstitut (Kassel 2014)_ the 2nd prize of Jannis and Joe Spyropoulos Foundation (Athens 2008)_ scholarships from the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation(2001 – 2004)_ bursaries from the Royal College of Art (London 2000 – 2002), the CCA Kitakyushu (Japan 2003 – 2004)_ and a free studio award from ACAVA studio spaces (London 2001 – 2002)_

i am a visual art educator with teaching experience in museums, art centers and schools in England, Japan and Greece_
i teach art at the Hellenic American Educational Foundation (HAEF) designing the high school, MYP / IB art program.
i have also been teaching at the following schools: Moraitis primary school (Athens, 2017 – 2018), Mikro Dimotiko primary school (Vari, 2016 – 2018), the MYP / IB program of Platon high school (Athens, 2016 – 2017), Nea Genia Ziridis primary school (Athens, 2005 – 2016), Mairi Argyri Laimou nursery school and kindergarden (Athens 2012 – 2013) and the PYP / IB programof the International School of Piraeus (Piraeus 2013 – 2016)_

i attended an in school, IB workshops in Berlin (MYP, 2018), Greece (PYP, 2014 ISP) and IBAEM – MYP workshop in Basel (MYP, 2008)_i am a certified Teacher for Europe (2015 – 16)_ I was an appointed author, responsible for the development and elaboration of the national curriculum and educator’s guidelines, under the “Photography and Multimedia” course, for the Music and Art High Schools, Greece (2015)_ i was a member of the educational team of the museum Herakleidon Experience in Visual Arts_ i was co-running the educational workshop “Blue Knights”, held at the Small Cyclades islands’ public schools (Koufonissia, Donousa, Schoinousa and Irakleia)_ i am a founding member of MouSou, a team for planning and organizing art participatory projects often related to the educational process_